Kid-do's has been in business for 13 years now. We're a small business not a franchise and we love what we do! At our salon we specialize in children's haircuts. Our friendly staff all have what it takes to cater to children during their hair services. We're use to all the wiggles and moving heads. We have cars for smaller children to sit in and chairs for children of all ages. All of the stations have a fun movie playing for the children to watch, we have toys to play with and even blow bubbles to cheer those up who aren't fans of haircuts at first. All children get to pick a prize before going home! Feel free to come early and play with train table, the kids love it!

Our salon can be very busy at times, please be sure to arrive on time for your appointment.

We're all about going green and greatly appreciate cash & checks when possible, however your credit cards will always be welcome.


1st haircuts come with a keepsake certificate and a lock of hair "don't forget to bring your camera"! :)

For ear piercing we have two stylist do both ears at the same time! 1-2-3 DONE! Also no twisting and turning our earrings they are made to move around on their own with rounded locked backs so they're nice and comfortable.

For formal up-do's please arrive with dry hair. Don't forget to wear a button or zip up shirt if you have to change after so you don't mess up your pretty hair pulling off a t-shirt.

We accept clients of all ages come check us out!

A Little Bit About Our Salon